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The Natural Taste of Cheese
Arab Dairy - A History of Evolution
Founded in 1985, The Arab Dairy Company is a genuine success story and an establishment that is, today, one of the major producers of the Middle East.
A History of Evolution

We first started production back in 1990 with a modest, but reasonably diverse group of international quality dairy products that included La Classe's Swiss cheese; which includes Gruyere, Emmental, Parmesan cheese and La Classe's fresh cream.

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Only a year later, we started installing triangle cheese production lines and hence began producing Panda and Dairy brands; at around the same time, the company brought delight to pizza lovers everywhere with its production of Panda mozzarella cheese.

In 1995, we started the production of Panda Feta plastic tubs. Arab Dairy's next big break came in 1998, when the company started to produce Panda and Dairy Feta cheese and Panda Istanbully cheese in TetraPak packages.

By 2003, Arab Dairy's position and reputation in the market brought the landmark signing of a protocol agreement with Entremont. This agreement included: A know-how licensing agreement - offering 56 years of European experience in the Dairy industry providing Arab Dairy with the same quality standards implemented in Europe - a manufacturing agreement, and a trademark license agreement.

Following this agreement, Arab Dairy then went on to produce triangle cheese portions for Entremont that included respected brand names such as Boy, Unikai, Smeds, Friendship, and Al Ashbal. Together, Arab Dairy and Entremont have taken the quality cheese to ever higher standards.

Today, Arab Dairy also manufactures a variety of different types of cheese for export for renowned brands such as Penguin and Goody. Many of the products Arab Dairy produces for these companies are exported across the Middle Eastern region to countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait. Arab Dairy is proud of the fact that it exports all of its brand names, Panda, Dairy, Two Cows, Wonder Cow and Gardens' Cow.

Panda, our flagship brand comes in feta cheese, triangle cheese, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Istanbully and Parmesan cheese. The Dairy brand also comes in Feta form; triangles and Cheddar block form as well as Mesh - a uniquely flavored spicy Egyptian cheese. Our premium brand, La Classe, offers Swiss cheese, Parmesan, Emmental and fresh cream.

Owing to these dramatic and successive successes and due to the hard work of its workforce, Arab Dairy was ranked 5th out of 764 food sector exporting companies, and 2nd as a cheese exporter in 2006.

We genuinely believe that our past successes are in large part due to the dedication and diligent efforts of our team. We feel confident that our company will continue to go from strength to strength, and we all work together to do everything we can to move towards a future that is every bit as successful as our past.